An application to headmaster for arrangement of reading room in our school library

Question: Suppose, you are Sakib, a student at Sonapur High School. You have no reading facility in your school library, which you need most. Now, write an application to the headmaster of your school requesting him for the arrangement of a reading room in your school library.
3 December 2017

The Headmaster,
Sonapur High School,

Subject: Request for the arrangement of a Reading room in our school library.


We like to expose here that we are the regular students of your famous school. Our school is adorned with many modern facilities. It is true that there is a library in our school. But there is no arrangement of a reading room in our library. As a result, we cannot study fairly and freely. Truly speaking, our library work is heavily hampered for want of a suitable reading room.

It is, therefore, hoped that you would be gracious enough to take an immediate step for the arrangement of a reading room in our school library and help us to study and research for our overall development and upliftment.

Yours obediently
On behalf the students of Sonapur High School.

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