Composition on A Journey By Bus


Science is given us many quick means of travel to save our time and toil. In this progress of modern communication system. The contribution of buses cannot be denied. In town and cities, we go by bus from one place to another. Here we go to short places by bus and so we do not feel like making a journey. But a long journey by bus is another experience.


On the fixed day, I got on the bus at Johnson road branch at about 8:00 AM. I bought weather was fine with a cloudless sit above. The bis started playing at a food speed. Soon it lady Dhaka dirty and entered the countryside. The bus was moving along the road sort green fields and village ob both sides. It was running ahead leaving behind the trees, houses and small shops, of either side of the road. Agree two hours, the bus reached Aricha, Ghat.

An interesting part of the journey was crossing the river by ferry. Reaching Aricha, I as well as other passengers got down from the bus and walked to the time of my getting down from the bus, I felt a good relief from the suffocating atmosphere inside the crowded bus.  Crossing the river by ferry in the gentle breeze was very pleasant indeed.

After getting down from the ferry, I got on the bus. Taking a snack and drinking some water I felt refreshed. then the bus started for Khulna. I was sitting beside the door. A bus was running at a great speed and I left drowsy. Suddenly I was awakened by a jolt. When the stopped. I found that I had reached the destination. I was getting down in a hurry.

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The was actually thrilling and pleasing. But I felt somewhat bored as I could not move freely. I had to remain sitting constantly on my seat for quite a long time. So this made by bus journey monotonous.



A Journey by Bus

The journey was instructive too. I often recall this journey as its memory gives me eternal joy.

Science has given us many speedy vehicles. The bus is one of them. A Journey by bus is really interesting. It is refreshing and enjoyable. I had a dream to make a long journey by bus. During last summer I had a chance. My three friends were with me. We enjoyed the journey very much.

One of my friends invited us to his village home in Jessore. We three friends agreed to go. The distance was more than 200 miles. We decided that we would make our journey on Friday.

On the day, we reached the bus counter. We bought three tickets for Jessore. I sat by a window. We took clothes, refreshments, and a camera with us. It was a sunny day. The weather was excellent. In a word, everything favored us. The bus left from Sathkhira to Jessore at 8 a. m.

The bus was very good. It was moving on very swiftly. It entered the countryside. Some passengers began to gossip. Some began to read newspaper and magazines. Some were having a nap. Some were snoring. I looked through the- window. Everything was running behind. We saw paddy fields, long lines of trees and houses on both sides. We saw that the Cowboys were grazing their cattle. I saw two or three roadside hats. Buyers and sellers were buying and selling their goods. All these sights charmed me a lot.

After 3 hours, the bus stopped for lunch for 30 minutes. We got down from the bus. We sat in a big restaurant. There we had our lunch. After finishing our launch, we all got on the bus. The bus started again. Sometimes I felt drowsy. A light jolt from my friend awakened me. I found that we reached the destination. We got down. We saw that our friends waiting for us. We enjoyed the journey heartily. A journey by bus is really a pleasant experience. This journey gave me much pleasure. My friends were also very happy. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. I will never forget this moment. 

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