Composition on Duties of A Student


The duties of a student are very significant at every stage of our life. The perfect fulfillment of a student duty can bring a pleasant situation in all spheres of life. A student is a future guide of a family, society, nation and above all the world. So, the importance of this duty as a student is very great.

Primary Duty:

The primary duty of a student is to learn his lessons and attend school regularly. But nowadays study alone is not enough for a student. He should form the habit of speaking the truth. He should maintain discipline and punctuality. He should also be devoted to religious activities. Besides, he should avoid bad association and form an ideal character of his own.

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Duties to Parents and Superious:

Our parents love us very dearly. During our childhood and helplessness, they take every care of us. So it is our bounden duty to express gratitude towards them. Students should serve their parents in all possible ways. They should Also be respectful to their superiors.They should abide by the advice of their parents and superiors.

Duties to Society:

Students have youthful vigor. They should devote themselves to social service. They can organize welfare centers to serve the distressed and destitute people.


It is risky for a student to join active politics. By taking part in active politics he is sure to waste much of his valuable time and energy. So he should be aware of the fact.

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