Composition on Tree Plantation


Trees are an important element of nature. They help to maintain the ecological balance of nature. So they are vital for life on earth. They also play a grey role in the economy. So preserving trees is a must. And we can do that by doing tree plantation.

The conditions in Bangladesh:

In order to maintain the ecological balance of a country, at least 25% of the total land is should be covered with trees. But Bangladesh had only 9%. So it is all the more essential for Bangladesh.

The scope of Plantation:

There are huge scopes of tree plantation in our country. Sea-beach, low-lying and unused lands can be used. We can plant trees on both sides of the roads and highways.

Time of tree Plantation:
June and July are the proper time of tree plantation. Tree plantation programmers should be made reach the remotest area of the country. Effective steps should be taken to make it successful. The illiterate people should be made aware of the importance of the tree plantation.

Important/ Usefulness:

Trees are useful to us in a variety of ways. They give us oxygen. Without oxygen, we can not live on earth. They are great to slice of foods and fruits. They meet our vitamin deficiency. They give us woods. Woods are used to humid houses and furniture.

Impact on Climate:

Trees have a great impact on climate change. If we destroy trees at random the country will turn into a desert. As a result, our food production will suffer severely Furthermore, trees help prevent soil erosion.


Thus we see that trees are part and parcel of our life. So it is a duty to plant more trees. Not only that, we should take care of them.
Planting a Tree

Trees are the most. important elements of nature Tree plantation means (understand) planting more trees. Trees maintain the balance of our environment. Bu in our country we are not aware of the role of trees.

One country should have about 25% forest of its area. But we have only 16% forest.

We can plant trees on sea beaches, fallow lands and low lying areas. We also can plant trees by the sides of roads and high ways. Both shady trees and fruit trees can be planted. June and July are the best time for planting trees.

Trees help us in many ways. They maintain the ecological balance. They produce Oxygen and take away Carbon dioxide. Oxygen is helpful to us and carbon dioxide is harmful to us.

Trees also give us fruits. We get timber from trees. We use timber to build our houses, boats, and furniture. On the other hand, flower trees are a great source of refreshment. They make our minds jolly. Birds are very useful to us. Birds also can build the nest in the trees.

But every day we cut down more trees. There are many causes of cutting down trees. Our population is growing day by day. We need more timber to build more houses, furniture for the growing population. For this, we cut down trees every day. People cut down trees for industrial purposes. We also destroy the forest for our agriculture.

We cut trees to meet our demand. But we should act wisely. If we cut one tree, we must plant two trees.

Now it is Our duty to plant more trees. Our government should take proper steps to plant trees. Newspaper, radio, and television can play a vital role to make people aware of this.

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