Composition on Winter in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a land of seasons. It has six seasons. Winter is one of them.  It gives us a sense of coldness.


Winter comprised two Bangalore month. There are Paush and Magh. But sometimes it lasts longer.

Weather & People:

The weather of winter season is altogether different. In the morning everything looks solemn. Dew drops fall on the grass and plants. They look like pearls in the ray of the sun. Villagers bask in the sun, so do the poor people of the city. City dwellers especially the well-off linger in the beds. People put on warn-cloths. Thick mists cover everything. With the advancement of the day, the mists start to decrease. The sky remains free from clouds. The sun shines brightly all day long. The days are shorter than the night.

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Winter gifts us with a fresh and enormous variety of vegetables. We can enjoy delicious date-juice. A man paddy is harvested. With ‘Cur’s and new rice, various types of ‘Pithas’ are made. The rich and solvent people enjoy enjoying warm sleep under a blanket.


Severe coldness and thick fogs hamper day to day work. The poor people have to lead a miserable life. Because they have no good home and no warm clothes.
Conclusion: Winter brings gloominess in nature, no doubt. But it is followed by spring. So Shelly writes.

Morial: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

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