Essay on A Good Leader how to Control Everything

Whenever and wherever human beings are gathered together in large numbers, they need leadership. Ever children need their captains! Armies need generals. Civilians need governments.  Captains are of industry and intellectual leaders of thought as well. 

A Leader How to Control Everything
A Good Leader how to Control Everything

Whenever in the school-room, or on the battlefield or in governmental deliberations, people who are natural leaders and who choose to lead, always have some qualities of character and of outlook.
In the first place, it is the personal qualities that count for most, in others words, the personality. A leader, in the sphere, must be someone who can be looked up to and respected. His personal judgment must be trusted and he must be able to evoke love and warmth from those he leads. So the first quality of a leader is that he must have the ability to win over men’s hearts. 

Secondly, he must have intellectual control over his followers and a mind that is capable of assimilation what is true and what is right and then of exerting this over others. It is useless if he lacks the initiative and the will to lead and to rally men around him. He must also. In his search for truth have great powers of concentration. 

Again, a leader must possess the strength of will, clarity if mind, tenacity, and determination. He must also shoe and practice such virtues as self-control. Temperance and moderation, so that not only his body but also his mind are always at their best, Health and sharpened like finely tempered steel. 

There are a good leader and bad leader because he had all the qualities of leadership. Adolf Hitler is a striking example of bad leader because he had all the qualities of leadership without the most important one of all. This is a moral sense of right and wrong and the right kinds of “love” which is emphasized in many of the world’s great religions. This is true not only of international figures like Adolf Hitler but also in smaller figures. The “Gangs” of youths whose member are led to violence and lawlessness are invariably led and inspired by leaders without a moral sense of right and wrong. 

A good leader must have a strength of character, the ability to evoke love, a clear brain, and a fair-minded outlook, he should also have knowledge and respect for truth, honesty and fair play. Such a man surely possesses the spark of leadership and men will look up to him and follow him.
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