Essay on The important of Rich College Library

A library is a modern man’s treasure house of knowledge. A college library is a library that collects and preserves books it’s for readers, students, and teachers. It is a library in a college where books are kept for the use of the students and the teachers of that college.
A rich college library is developed in many ways. It has lots of useful books on various subjects in it. It has also a handsome government sanction of money to buy new and more books every year. Here readers are happy and become highly benefited.
There are enough bookshelves, almirahs, and tables arranged in such a library. Here books are kept subject wise. Books of different subjects and departments are kept serially with numbers and names. It follows modern library maintaining systems. Students and teachers find their all necessary text and reference books in a rich library. Some are reference books are also kept there. Thus it helps the learners greatly in preparing and learning their lessons and enriching our knowledge. Besides, here student having their cards can borrow books easily and take them home for a certain period.

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A rich college library does not have any provision for lending reference books outside. So anybody requiring reference books can study them only in the library.
A rich college library is of great use to both the student and the teachers. Knowledge of the past thinkers, philosophers, poets, scientist, and so on are stored in the library form of books. When we are in this kind of library, we are always in the company in the greatest persons of the world and their high thoughts and ideas. Moreover, it is not possible for a student to buy all books published on a particular subject. It is a rich college library which keeps them all in it.
It is true that most of the college libraries in our country are poor. They should be quite rich and have a good collection of all essential books. And we should try our best to make the best use of rich college library and gain the best benefit from it.
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