Downloading Instagram videos has become a problem? Since the Instagram app has become better than Snapchat, its success has only grown. Every day thousands of people post videos and photos on their platform.

The video format even has long surpassed services known as Vine, which had a very similar proposal. A few months ago Instagram limited its videos to just 15 seconds, but that has changed.

Today, however, it is already possible to post videos up to 1 minute in length. This, in fact, made the service much more attractive. According to the growth of video uploads, it is natural for people to start wanting to download them.

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How to download videos from Instagram?

Instagram has become in recent years, a great communication tool for both people and companies. Therefore, this need to download videos from the platform only grows.

But then, do you imagine how you can download an Instagram video on your phone? In this article, we will learn about some of these ways and explain how to use them.

Download Instagram video using Insta Download

Isn’t there a better place to store your videos than your own cell phone isn’t it? This is precisely the proposal of InstaDownload. This is a simple, fast and easy to use application.

To download the video just access the 3 dots in the top corner of the video and copy its URL. Then paste this link into the Instadownload app. It will start downloading automatically. However, it is still possible to change the name and location of your video.

InstaDownload is a good option for those who have Android, however, Apple users will be sad. The vast majority of these apps end up being blocked for IOS.

Download video from Instagram using a web service

Another simple and quick way to download Instagram videos is by using a web service. We will suggest you try Instagram Video Downloader first. Just copy the URL of the video in question into the site and you’re done! Your video will start to download by clicking on the “Download” button.

It is important to remember that in addition to Instagram Video Downloader there are hundreds of services with the same functioning. Although some offer other features, the premise is always the same. Just copy the video link and paste it in the available field.

One more way to download videos from Instagram is by using the Instaview web service. In this tool, you just have to copy your Instagram link that it already recognizes automatically. Your video will start downloading quickly and simply.

There is also the Instawload website that works in a similar way, however, it has a very simple and direct look without advertisements. This makes it even easier to download your Instagram video.

The latter makes it very easy to download many videos in sequence and still has the functionality to download photos, which the applications mentioned above are not able to do. That is, it is the most complete of those cited in this article.

Finally, it is important to note that we only list these services and that we have no relationship with them. As we explained, each one has its specific characteristics and functionality. You need to test one by one and come to your own conclusions about which one to use.

Did you like the tip? If you want to know more, access our Technology section and always stay informed. Until the next!

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