Social media apps are the best free communication tools we have ever come across within the online world. It means all the trendy social messaging apps are serving human beings to the fullest. You can communicate with your friends, family members and even with your loved ones whenever you want and no matters at what place you are present at the moment.

 However, your cell phones are gadgets that need to be connected to the cyberspace and further, the social networking app should be installed on both sides on the user’s devices before they have a conversation and they have to be registered. On the other hand, these modern times instant messaging apps have also created serious issues for mankind. 

These days are forgetting about real –life meetings and always spending time on the number of social media apps all the time and looking forward to knowing new people in their lives due to multiple odd reasons. So, there are plenty of voices that have been raised over the years that social media makes us unsocial. 

According to the Finding of a survey 

Young kids and teens that have been born in the modern century and until now they have entered into their teens or teens age have got cell phones, gadgets and internet connection by default. So, they have risen in such an environment that is full of the virtual world and today they are spending too much time on screens especially connected to the internet. 

Therefore, they don’t believe in real –life activities and joys and they believe they are social by using technology and appear to each other using cell phone cameras and live streaming. Moreover, when they spend most of the time on technological devices, ultimately they get distracted to the real –live socialization.

Stats that social media making us unsocial

  • 54% of the social media users have got fear of missing out not to check digital world 
  • According to the survey conducted among 3000 teenagers, female teens are most frequent social media users 
  • 76% of the females check their social media apps on their cell phones at least 10 times when they are hanging out with friends 
  • 75% of the teens these days own cell phone devices 
  • Young teens at least send/receive 105 times text messages in a day no matter at what place they are 

It means that social media is distracting people from real –life interactions no matter if they are hanging out with friends, eating at breakfast table and even while late night on their bed’s people used to sticking with their mobile phones and internet. 

Why is it so? 

The technology in terms of social media enables users to do text messages, cell phone calls, shared media like photos and videos, and do plenty of other activities all day long, and finally, the whole day passed away. So, they don’t have enough time for real-life activities. Apart from the young kids and teens’ even adults including parents seem to always lurk with their mobile phones and ultimately young ones start copying their elders and don’t bother to take part in extracurricular the best choice for parents to track your child with parental control app. 

Activities on social media that makes us unsocial in real –life 

Addiction with the trendy instant messaging apps activities 

Social media apps are available on everyone’s cell phones and even a non –tech-savvy person really knows about all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Snapchat, WhatsApp and plenty of others alike. Users send and receive instant messages, do text conversations with friends all day long, and even share their photos and videos to get appreciation from peers. Moreover, stats are clearly stating that social media platforms and its addiction makes us unsocial. 

  • Today social media users being “unfriended” by someone feel worse or disrespected and 59% become disturbed and angry if someone has posted something bad on about them on social media 
  • 57% of the users when look up to someone else’s profile of social media they think they have better life 
  • 59% of the users become sad if they have missed the party of the friends by looking at their friends shared multimedia 
  • 58% of the social media users become angry if anyone of their friends has shared such an embarrassing photo over the social media platform


Social Media apps and websites without the shadow of a doubt are very helpful for communication, but it’s excessive use making people antisocial.

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