Paragraph Man and Climate

A human can neither change the sun’s radiation nor the earth’s orbit around the sun. But they can control the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases and global warming and its effect on the atmosphere. Only during the last hundred years, the carbon dioxide concentration has been raised alarmingly in the atmosphere and us humans can be held responsible for this.

The main cause of the increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels. Since the end of the 19th century, industrial activities increased rapidly giving rise to many factories. These factories required energy, which was produced through the combustion of coal. Besides coal, other renewal energy sources in the world such as mineral oil and natural gas were also burned to heat our houses, move cars and airplanes or to produce electricity. Nowadays, about 85 million barrels of crude oil are burned daily. Every time a fossil raw material is burned, it releases carbon dioxide into the air.

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Therefore, it is clear that more and more greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are being generated worldwide by humans. Moreover, we are also strengthening the greenhouse effect by deforestation, which means cutting down trees. Every year enormous areas of forests are destroyed but people to obtain wood and to clear regions for mining and to create pasture. This lost of the forest causes dual problems. Trees that are burned down release a large volume of carbon dioxide gas into the air. On the other hand, an important carbon dioxide storehouse is destroyed with the forests absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the air and deliver oxygen instead.

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