Paragraph on Harmony Express the High Speed Rail

Write a paragraph by answering the following questions on the high-speed rail.


(a) What is it? (b) When did it start operation? (c) What record has China set recently? (d) What is Harmony Express? (e) What type of train is it?


The high-speed rail service in China started operation on April 18, 2007. Current China has started building a high-speed passenger rail network. It will be similar to France TGV or the Japanese bullet trains. The usually top speed of China’s conventional quick train is 300 km/h (186 mph). Recently China has set the world record of a speed of 487.3 km per hour (303). In 2011, this record was set by an unconventional magnetic train set called the “Harmony Express”. This is the highest speed of an unconventional magnetic train set in regular commercial operation.

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