Paragraph on Load Shedding or Electricity Problem

(a) What does load shedding mean? (b) When does load shedding occur? (c) What problems does load shedding cause? (d) What should we do to stop load shedding?


The people living in the areas supplied with electricity problem our familiar with the term load shedding. There is hardly any area, which is not affected by load shedding. Load shedding means the discontinuation of supply of electricity. Load shedding happened when generation of the power is less or about to die position than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity. It creates problems of far-reaching consequence in the socio-economic development of a country. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to it. On that time the running mills, factories, industries come to a standstill. Failure of electricity hampers productivity and it can hamper working. Domestic life becomes painful. The shedding beggar description. The patients also suffer terribly for load shedding. Operators are stopped. The food kept in the refrigerators get rotten. The commodities preserved in cold storage are spoiled. In fact, popular name is load shedding many of causes great sufferings to the country people and irreparable loss to the country and it’s occur basically low-quality country. The entire life-domestic and industrial-come to the standstill. An all-out our effort should be made to stop load shedding.

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Write a paragraph in about 150 words in “Load-Shedding” by answering the following question: 
Question: What is load shedding? (b) What are the causes of it? (c) What are the redial of measures of it? (d) What is your suggestion about load0-shedding?
Question: (i) What is load shedding? (ii) What does it occur? (iii) What are the causes of load shedding? (iv) What are the efforts of load shedding? (v)  What is your suggestions to minimize load shedding? 
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Load Shedding
Load shedding is one of the most talked issue of our country. It means the discontinuation of supply of electricity. It happens when the generation of power is less than demand. We have fewer power plants to generate power compared to the huge demand. As a result, most often occurs shortfall of electricity. So to cope with the shortage of power generation. The flow of electricity for the same areas is stopped for the same time. This results in load shedding. Load shedding causes a great harm to the socio-economic development of a country. Mills and factories are paralyzed for the time being. Shoes, hospitals etc. are affected by it. Production is hampered owing to it. Domestic life also become painful. Student, housewives patients fall a victim of load shedding. As load shedding cases great sufferings to the people and irreparable loss to the economy, it should be continue. Most power plants should be set up. Apart from this, electricity should be distributed in a planned wat above all; the government should take effective steps to stop load shedding. 
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