Paragraph on Shamima’s Struggle for A Happy Life

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘Shamima’s struggle for a happy life’.

(a) When did Shamima’s misery start? (b) What type of person was her husband? (c) What was her husband’s name? (d) When did she leave her husband’s house? (c) How many members does she have in her organization? (f) Where does she sell her product?
 Shamima is a glaring example of a struggling girl who ultimately succeeded to change her life through determination and hard work although shamima got early marriage. Shamima’s misery started the day of her early marriage. Her husband was a greedy person and he used to abuse her verbally and physically. Within a few months but her marriage, she had to leave her husband Amirul Islam.

Now Shamima vows to work with women, who are ill-fated like her. She has 43 female members in her organization working for her. She trains the members herself and then provides them with work. She designs fabric, makes block-print, brush-paint, and hand-embroidered sarees, she also make three-piece dresses for women and fatuous for men. She sells these products in her shop and supplies them outside. Shamima has a dream now, a dream to do something for the helpless people. She wants to feel useful. So that they can live with self-respect and dignity.

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