Paragraph on The common lifestyle of the ethnic people in Bangladesh

Write a paragraph by answering the following question no ‘The common lifestyle of the ethnic people in Bangladesh’.

(a) What are their lifestyle? (b) How do they build their houses? (c) What is called machang? (d) What is their staple food? (e) What are their kitchen utensils? (f) What are their traditional dresses? (g) What are their popular pastimes?

Most these ethnic people living in Bangladesh have some common characteristics. They have their own lifestyle. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms called ‘machang’. Rich is their staple food. They eat vegetable maize, fish, poultry, and meat. Their kitchen utensils are bamboo, wooden and earthen pots which they make themselves. Men ears lingis and women wear thamis or sarongs and angis. Women weave their own clothes. Hunting and fishing their favorite pastimes. They are fond of songs, music, dances, theatre and fair. Traditional musical instruments used are bugles made from buffalo horns, drums, and bamboo flutes. Wrestling is a popular sport for them.

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