Paragraph on The Ethnic People in Bangladesh

Write a paragraph by the following on ‘The ethical people in Bangladesh’.


 (a) Who holds a very important place in the culture of the country? (b) Where do the majority of the ethical people live in? (c) In which are do they live in? (e) what is the most of them in professions? (e) What language do they speak? (f) Where do the Garos live in?
Most of our records in the modern are the age on paper. The writing was invented very early; paper is a more modern invention. For long in history, people transferred Ideas through speaking and listening. Then there came art of writing. But to record thoughts in writing was difficult. Writing material was not available. People used the surface of stone, metal, wood, bark, Leaves etc. for writing.

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They are mostly farmers. By region they Hindus, Christian or Buddhiests. They speak their own mother tongues. Some them are the Chakmas, the Marmans, the Tipperas and the and the Moorangs who live in the Hill Tracts. The Samntals live in Rajshashi. The Khasias and the Monipuuries li in Sylhet and the Hajangs and the Garos in Mymensingh.

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