Paragraph on The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘The importance of reading newspaper’.

 (a) When do you wake up in the morning? (b) What do you go through in the newspaper at first? (c) What news items do you usually read? (d) Why do you read newspapers? (e) What items of a newspaper are amusements for you? (f) What do you usually avoid reading?


Reading newspaper is the part and parcel of our daily work. I am not an expectation to think I wake up early in the morning, have a wash and take my newspaper as usual. At first, I just go through had lines of the paper. Then I look for recent news. After that, I read the editorial column. I penetrate into it and try to get the real picture about the development of our country. Sometimes it is optimistic, sometimes it is pessimistic. 
However, I kook then sports news, international affairs, culture etc. I read this newspaper not only for its news but also for its language quality. It an English daily newspaper and by reading this I try to improve my English as much as I can. I translate minimum half a page to improve my writing quality. I get huge information by reading the newspaper. Not only about my country but also get both news and knowledge from every aspect of information. Culture, Cartoon, advertisement are amusements for me. These parts of newspaper deal a great for my recreation. I avoid reading the negative news. I always try to get position sides/energy by reading the newspaper. And my habit has made this rich more than before, therefore, I think, reading newspaper is the best habit for my life and I will continue this until the end of my life. 
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