Paragraph on The origins of the wheel

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘The origins of the wheel’.
(a) what do you know about the history of wheel’s origin? (b) When was it established? (c) what was its old name? (d) How can gigantic things be easily moved? (e) Who developed the first wheel.

Although the wheel is a very important invention. The history of the origins wheel is unknown. Experts guess that the first wheel was developed from a circular object. The early man observed that a huge piece of stone could be rolled easily if it was circular in shape. Similarly, a heavy tree-trunk is different to carry; but it can be rolled away with less effort. Even, a gigantic tree-trunk can be moved easily using other small and round trunks as rollers under it. Thus, the early man took advantage of rolling objects and developed the first wheel. Apart from its mechanical advantage, a wheel’s mobility has contributed much to the civilization. 
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