Paragraph on The Problem Faced by River Gypsies in Bangladesh

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘The problem faced by river gypsies in Bangladesh’.
 (a) Where are gypsy people losing their customers? (b) What has made boat movement heavily restricted? (c) What do the gypsies need to survive in the mainstream population? (d) What need does the authority feel about them? (e) Why cannot the gypsy children go to conventional schools? (f) Who are running voluntary schools for the gypsy children?

River gypsies in Bangladesh are having various problems. First, Bangladesh is urbanizing very rapidly. Gypsy people are losing their customers in urban population. Hence, their income threatened. Secondly, 24,000 kilometers of previous waterways has shrunk to only 6,000 kilometers in the country in dry seasons. Scientists believe that Bangladesh will worse have affected by global climate change. The unpredictable rain and drying out of rivers have made boat movement heavily restricted. Thirdly, many river gypsies are changing their lifestyle in the context of changed reality. They are thinking of living permanently o land. The authority feels that river gypsies need help to survive in the mainstream population. 
Therefore, changes do not come overnight. Traditionally, river gypsies are used to water life. They have inherited from them from their forefather’s necessary life skills to survive in waters. They have no education and training to adapt to mainstream modern society. So the authority feels the need to bring them under formal education network. But they have no permanent living place. Gypsy children are born and brought up on roaming boats. Therefore, they cannot go to conventional schools. And hence, mobile boat-school are coming up for gypsy children. Some voluntary organizations are running the special school on boats to education river gypsy children in some areas. 
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