Paragraph on The Rose The Queen of the Flower

Write a paragraph about ‘The Rose’ on the basis of the following question:
The Rose
(a) What is a moonlit night? (b) How many different sizes and colors of the rose are there? (c) Why is the rose called “The Queen of Flower” (d) What is the economic value of the rose? (e) What is the lifetime of the rose?

The rose is the loveliest of all flowers. It looks very beautiful. It makes our environment attractive. As it spread sweet scent, the environment becomes fragrant. The rose is of different sizes and colors. Some sores are big while the others are small. Most of the roses are rosy. But some roses are white while the others are red or black. The rose is called the queen of flower because of having the loveliest features.

Flower Cultivation in Bangladesh

It is of great use to us. It is gifted to friends and lovers as a token of friendship and love. House is decorated with roses on different occasions. By cultivating and selling roses some people in our country earn their bread and butter. So the rose is of great economic value. It can be compared to the lives of human beings because of being a short life. A bloomed rose withers away within one or two days. So the lifetime of the rose is very limited. and the rose day have been celebrating February 7 celebrated over the world. 

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