Paragraph on Tokai or A Street Child

Question: (a) who is Tokai? (b) How is his dress? (c) How does he earn his livelihood? (d) Where does he sleep? (e) When does he seem to be important?

A Tokai is a small boy or girl who lives in the street. He supports himself by begging or by collecting leftover things and selling them. His way of living is very pathetic. He is uncased for. He is shelterless. He has no particular living or sleeping place. He sleeps on the street. He moves aimlessly on the street. Sometimes he is seen pushing carts, selling flowers or begging in the street to support himself. He may have parents or not. He does not the where about of his parents. He cannot recollect the memories of his parents, brothers, sisters and his native village. He cannot go to school for poverty. So he is deprived of the light of education. Sometimes he has to bear physical punishment. In fact, he is deprived of all sort of a child right. It is an irony or fate. We have forgotten that today’s child is tomorrow future. So not only the government but also all conscious people should take care of a Tokai so that he can lead a decent and dignified life keeping his head above wants. 
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