Paragraph on Traffic Jam or Busy Road with Traffic

Write a paragraph in about 150 words in “Traffic Jam”. In your paragraph, answer the following question:
(a) What is Traffic Jam? (b) Why does traffic jam occur? (c) What is your feeling at the time if traffic jam? (d) What harms does it do to us? (e) How can traffic jam be removed?
Alternatively, Write a paragraph about ‘Traffic Jam based on the following question:
(a) What id traffic jam? (b) What are the causes of Traffic jam? (c) When does it occur most? (d) What are the adverse effects of Traffic jam? (e) Who suffers most during a traffic jam? (f) What remedies do you suggest to remove traffic jam?
Or, write a paragraph in about 150 words on ‘Traffic Jam. In your paragraph, answer the following question:
Question: (a) What is traffic jam? (b) What are the reasons if traffic jam? (c) How does it usually happen? (d) What problems do the people face for it? (e) How can this problem be solved?


Traffic jam means blockade of vehicles on roads and streets. It is a great problem for the urban areas. Usually, it happens at the crossing point. There a number of reasons for traffic jam. Violation of traffic rules, unplanned roads and streets, huge number of rickshaws on the roads and unskilled traffic police are the main cause of traffic jam.

Illegal parking, narrowness of roads and lines, unauthorized shops and markets on the side of the roads also cause traffic jam. Traffic jams are mainly seen the intersection of streets. Moreover, it occurs mostly at the pick hours of the day.

Traffic kills our valuable time. Students, patients, workers, employees cannot reach their destination in time. In our everyday activities, we cannot become fast and punctual. Some measures should be taken to get rid of this problem. Shops and markets from the roadsides should be removed; unauthorized rickshaws should be removed from the roads.

Traffic rules should be maintained strictly. Traffic police should be skilled. If the government takes effective initiatives, solve this problem can. 

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