Paragraph Tree Plantations

Tree plantation means planting more and more trees. Trees are useful to us in many to many ways. We get fruits, timber, and flowers from trees. Trees give us oxygen and take in carbon-dioxide. They save us from natural calamities like drought, storms, floods etc. Thus they maintain ecological balance. So trees are a valuable asset to a country.

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If we cut down trees at random, the country will become a desert one day. But it is unfortunate that our people are cutting trees for fuel, furniture, and other purposes. We should, therefore, plant more trees. By planting trees we keep our environment balanced. We should also take care of them by removing the weeds and keeping the surrounding of the trees clean. Besides, we should raise awareness among all to plant more trees. We must undertake a vast project for planting trees all over the world. Thus we can make tree plantation program a success.

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