Short Story A Cap-Seller and Some Monkeys

cap-seller vs monkey story
Short Story A Cap-Seller and Some Monkeys

A cap-seller was selling his caps in summer day. Being tried he sat in the shadow of a big tree. His caps were in a basket. Within a short time, he feels asleep. When he woke up he found no. caps in the Basket. He searched for the caps here and there but found nowhere. 

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All of sudden, he heard a chirping sound in the tree under which he lay asleep, He looked at the top of the tree and saw some. Monkeys wearing his caps. He tried to get the caps in many ways but in vain. At fast, he threw his own cap on the ground in despair. The monkeys threw down their caps by imitating him. The cap-seller picked up all the caps and went away happily.

Moral: “An imitator is easily be fooled.”

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