Short Story on Cruel Fate

Mr. Ahmed has just completed his graduation. He does not have any job yet. Some of his friends serve in Dhaka. So he came to Dhaka with a hope that his friends would help him in getting a job. He told his friends about the fact. They inspired him to go through the job advertisement in the Daily newspaper. He stayed with them and managed some students for tutoring. At the same time, he continued looking for the job. One ‘day he came to know about an advertisement looking for some young energetic employees for a good salary He discussed the matter with his friends. They encouraged him to apply for one of the suitable posts. He did so. After some days, he got the interview card on the very fixed day .of interview he faced an interview. He answered all the questions, which were asked, very boldly and perfectly. The authority concerned praised him and told him to join with them. He could not believe his ears. He just came, out and burst into tears at the pleasure and suddenness of a great achievement. He’ at once rang too, his parents. They’ became happy. On the appointed day, he joined the office. Now he is established in the society. 

lat story: short Story on Fortune Smiles upon the Diligent

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