Story on A Bitter Experience

You are a student of class X. You live in the hostel of your school. During the Ramadan vacation, you came to your village house and spent the whole vacation there. After the Ramadan vacation had been over you went to the railway station at a distance of twenty kilometers from your house on foot. You reached the station at 9 O’clock at night. After reaching the station, you came to know that the train had left the station a few minutes before. I became disappointed. I was at a loss what to do. l was informed that it was the last train for that day. It was not possible to get back home walking twenty kilometers at that night. I sought a shelter” to pass the night somehow. There was no any hotel in that area. So I decided to pass the night in the waiting room of the station. But the room was not tidy and well protected. Besides, there was no one left in the waiting room at that dead of night. I was throbbing with fear. In the meantime, the stationmaster approached me. He got ready to leave the station. He could realize my situation. As I was young of age, he felt sympathy for me. He asked me whether I would go with him his house. Finding no other means, I jumped to his proposal. However, I went to his house half a kilometer away firm the station. I passed the night there comfortably.
Really, I was charmed by the hospitality he and his family members showed towards me. The following morning, I availed the 9 o’clock train. This incident left a great lesson for me that I would never be late to reach anywhere.

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