Story on A Piper and the Rats

The town Rupnagar was once badly infested with rats. The lives of the residents became miserable. The rats used to damage public properties. They were so much danger that even the cats were afraid of them.
One day the agitated public went to the Mayor of Rupnagar. In addition, demanding a solution. The Mayor was also worried. He held a meeting with his officials but without any result, then he declared ‘a handsome reward to get rid of the rats.
A Piper and the Rats
A Piper and the Rats

A man in strange attire and a pipe in hand appeared. “Will you pay me the said rewards”, asked he. “Certainly, we will”, promised the Mayor.
The piper Started playing a strange tune. All the rats came out dancing, being charmed by the tune. They followed the piper like a troop of the army. The led the rats to the river outside the town. He stepped into the river. The mesmerized rats followed him and were drowned. Thus, the town got rid of the rats.

Moral: “An act of common sense may save you.”

Pipe Piper of Hamelin  

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