Story on An Honest Woodcutter and the Beautiful Fairy/Honesty is the best policy

There lived a wood citer in a village. One day he was cutting wood near a river. Suddenly his ax fell into the river. The river was very deep. The woodcutter did not know how to swim or drive. So, he was sitting there sadly. Then a wonderful thing happened. A beautiful fairy appeared before the woodcutter. She asked him in a sweet voice, “Why are you so sad? Why are you not cutting wood?” The woodcutter replied sorrowfully, 

“My ax has fallen into the pond. I can’t cut wood now.” The fairy then showed him ax made of gold. She asked him if it was his ax. The woodcutter saw the ax and said, “It’s not my ax.” The fairy showed him another ax made of silver, she asked, “Is this the ax that you lost?” The woodcutter said, “No, it’s not. My ax is made of iron.” The fairy showed him the lost ax. The woodcutter then said happily that it was his ax. The fairy became very pleased and gave him the gold arid the silver axes too. Then the woodcutter became rich and began to live happily. 

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The following Is the beginning of a story. Complete it In your own words.

Once there lived a poor wood-cutter. But he was very honest. He earned his livelihood by selling wood In the market. One day while he…………..



Once there lived a poor wood-cutter; But he was very honest. He earned his livelihood by selling wood in the market. One day while he was cutting wood beside a river, his axe slipped out of his hand abruptly and fell into deep water. I-Fe became very sad as he would not be able to cut wood any more to earn his living and maintain his family. He sat beside the river and began to cry. bitterly. Seeing this, the river goddess took pity on him. She appeared before the wood-cutter, soothed him and offered him a gold axe. But the honest wood-cutter did not feel tempted. He said that -the axe was not his. The goddess dived into the river and brought a silver axe. The wood-cutter told her that it, too, was not his own axe. Now the goddess again dived into the river and brought a common iron axe with an old wooden handle. At once the wood-cutter said that It was his own axe. At this the address became very much pleased t the poor woodcutter’s honesty and devotion to truth. So, she gave the wood-cutter all the three axes. He sold the silver and gold axes in the market, got a huge amount of money and became a rich man. He thus began to live a happy life.

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