Story on Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once there was A hare. He was very proud of his speed. One day he was going back to his house. A tortoise was also returning his house. The tortoise was going without disturbing the hare. Suddenly the hare stopped the tortoise and said, “You slowcoach! I feel pity for your speed.” “How can you walk with such a heavy shell on your back?” “You needn’t worry friend, hare, aforesaid the turtle. “If you wish I will run a race with you. The hare sneered, “What! Do you want to run a race? Very well, I am ready. I accept your challenge.”
Slow and Steady Story
Slow and Steady Wins the Race

At once both of them started. In a moment the hare got ahead of the tortoise. The tortoise was moving very slowly with his heavy shell on his back. The hare stopped halfway and looked back. “Ha! Ha!” laughed the hare, “You are creeping on far behind. Speed tip, lest I Shod behalf over the country before you reach the end of the battle.”

The tortoise said nothing. He toiled and toiled. “I may easily take a short nap and then overtake him,” the hare said to herself.

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The hair lay down on the grass. In no time she fell fast asleep. The tortoise was moving slowly with his little feet; He came creeping up the place, never stopping to 1d3k behind.
The hare awoke and looked forward to seeing the tortoise. She sprang up and attempted to start on ‘like the wind. She said, “Where is the tortoise?”
From the end of the field, the tortoise replied, “HARE; HARE, I AM WINNING THE RACE.”
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