Story on The English Soldier and the Caged Birds

Once a bloody battle was fought between England and her enemy country. Many soldiers of both nations were killed and many were made captive. An English soldier was imprisoned for several years in the hand of the enemies. The war, at last, came to an end and peace treaty was signed. The English soldier was set free. His joy knew no bounds. He once again became a free man. He came back to his native country, England. 

When he was going towards his home, he noticed a bird-seller in a street of London. He bought all the cages full of birds. Then he opened the cages and set all the birds free. Everyone present there became astonished. Out of great curiosity, the bird-seller asked him, “Why have you released all the birds?”
A Solider and A Bird Seller
Story on The English Soldier and the Caged Birds

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“I know the pain of captivity,” said the man staring at the birds flying in the sky.
Moral: “There is nothing more precious than freedom.”
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