Story on The Rabbit’s Prescription

One day a wolf and fox conspired to kill other animals and store up the meal for future meal. In the name of king lion they called all the animals and said, “There is a prescription for eternal youth and immortality. Some animals except we to and king lion know it.” One hearing this the lion roared and said, “Speak it out or you will be killed.” The animals began trembling in fear. 

The fox first called up a deer and said, “Do you know the prescription?” “I have never heard of such thing,” said the deer. Then the fox turned to the wolf and said, ‘Friend, we, should ‘execute our king’s order.

The wolf at once fell upon the deer and killed him.

Next came a goat and a pheasant. They met the same fate. Then a small rabbit came and said, “I know the prescription.”

“Then speak it out,” roared the lion.

The rabbit said,” To gain eternal youth and immortality, King lion has to eat the heart of the wolf and the lungs of the fox.”

The other animals did not miss the chance. The pounced on the wolf and the fox and tore them to pieces.

Moral: “Those who stop at no evil court their own ruin.”
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