Story on The Sun and the Wind

The wind was very proud of his strength. He used to insult the sun saying, “You silly old sun. I am stronger than you.” One day the sun got angry. Both of them quarreled over the matter for a long time. Then they saw a man who was going to the office.
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“Let’s make an end of this dispute,” proposed the sun. “Look at the man. Whoever can remove his coat will be the stronger, ‘0’ said the sun.
The wind readily accepted the proposal and took the opportunity first. He blew harder and harder. The man felt cold. In spite of removing his coal, ‘he buttoned it from top to bottom. The wind roared with rage but failed.
Then it was the sun’s turn. He shone brighter and brighter and the weather became hotter and hotter. The heat became unbearable. The man said, “Phew! What a bad weather.” He at first unbuttoned his coat. Then he put it off.
The sun won the contest. But the jealous wind could not accept it. He said, “Men love you most. So you have won.” The sun smiled but did not say anything.

Moral: “Pride brings ruin.” 

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