Story on Who Will Bell the Cat or Easier said than Done

Once some mice were having a good time in the house of a rich man. There was no want of food there for them. There they made appropriate port digging hole in the owner’s quilt and blanket. They always roamed about in the house crying, leaping, scaring, and biting the children. The owner fell into a great disturbance and at last, he brought a cat to drive the rats away
Belling the cat fable moral
Who Will Bell The Cat
The rats were deprived of their precious facilities. Besides, they failed to run the risk of their own lives. The cat was suddenly and frequently killing them. Finding no alternative to saving themselves all the mice sat together in a conference. Most of them present in the conference argued and contrived in many ways. Towards the uncompromised finishing of the conference a young rat vigorously stood up and said that a bell might be tied around the neck of the cat. So that they could be easily aware of the sudden appearance of the cat to escape themselves immediately. All clapped merrily seconding him. But soon after this, an old mouse said,” The proposal of the young lad is good and very good, I support. But who will bell the cat”?

At this, all were stone still. There was a pin drop silence in the conference. The meeting ended. With no decision and the mice eventually migrated to save their own lives.

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The following Is the beginning of a story. Complete It in your own words.

Once the house of a rich man was infested with rats. The house became like the town of Hamelin. There were rats everywhere. ………………..


Once the house of a rich man was infested with rats. The house became like the town of Hamelin. There were rats everywhere. They were living there with great happiness and without any- fear. They were having great fun and boldly moved about the house. But the inmates of the house were having great trouble. They could not have sound sleep because at night, the rats became more active. The rats enjoyed so much freedom that they started taking away foods- cutting clothes and making holes here and there. They also became so aggressive that they even attacked the little babies and bit their fingers and toes. 

The owner of the house lost his patience. He wanted to get rid of the rats. He hit upon a plan. He knew that cats are enemies of rats. They kill rats wherever they find them. So one day the owner of the house brought a healthy cat to punish the unruly rats. The rats came to know of the presence of the cat in the house as the cat started’ its action immediately. It began to kill rats one by one. The rats were greatly frightened. They wanted to save their lives. To find out a way, they sat in a conference. After much discussion, they decided that they would tie a bell around the neck of the cat because this would warn the- rats of the approach of the cat earlier. And thus -they would be able to hide themselves in a safer place. 

All the rats were very excited and welcomed the decision. But among the rats, there was an old wise rat. It stood up and said. The plan is good. But the question is who will bell the cat. Anyone of us, that will approach the cat with a bell, will certainly lose its life. At this, all the rats became disappointed. No rat had the courage to approach the cat in order to tie a bell around its neck. So their plan failed. Eventually, the mice left the house and migrated to a different place.

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