Teaching Practicum Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

In developing a statement of your teaching philosophy, try answering the following questions:

How do you view a language?
How do you think people learn a second/foreign language?
What are the objectives of your language teaching class?
What kind of syllabus do you advocate in your classroom?
What teaching/learning activities do you think is useful for your learner?

What should be roles of learners in your classroom?
What roles do you have as a teacher in your classroom?
Will you use any instructional material in your class? Why or why not?

How would you teach grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation?
How would you develop four skills of English
Do you have any other views on language teaching and learning? If so what?

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N.B: your statement must be computer composed printed in A4 sized paper using the font ‘Times New Roman’ with the font size of 12, lines spacing 1.5, paragraph spacing 6pt in approximately three thousand words. Don’t forget to submit the paper to the first class after the mid-term exam.

Md. Mijanur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Department of English, NUB

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