Write A Dialogue 100 Words Between You And Your Friend’s Mother

Suppose, you saw a woman lying upside down in the road. She looked like the grandmother of your friend. You rushed to your friend’s home and talked to his mother. Write a dialogue 100 words between you and your friend’s mother.
Myself: Aunty, don’t you keep any whereabouts of a grandmother?
Friend’s mother: What happened to her again?
Myself: I saw a woman lying upside down on the road. 
Friend’s mother: So what?
Myself: She looked like a grandmother.
Friend’s mother: Your inference is wrong. She is now lying on the bed. You can meet her.
Myself: Her appearance seemed to be as like as grandmother.
Friend’s mother: Similar appearance are embarrassing and confusing.
Myself: That is why I felt embarrassed and confused.
Friend’s mother: Thank you for your response.

Myself: Welcome.
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