Write a letter about how your school is different from your friend’s school

 3 Nilkhet
Dhaka – 1217
25 February 2015

Dear Sadek
Thank you for your letter to know the difference between your school and my school. I am telling you about the difference between the two schools.

My school is a very old one. But your school is new. 2500 students read in my school. But your school has only 300 students. The result of our school is very good.

Most of the students obtain A grade and a few students obtain GPA 5 every year. The rate of pass is hundred percent. But your school does not have such a brilliant result.

We have a lot of facilities in the common room. • We have a well-equipped library. There is a Shaheed Minar in our school. It has an auditorium too. But in your school, you do not have any of these things. Our students are very good at various co-curricular activities for which we have a lot of opportunities, care, and training. But in your school, you have very inadequate opportunities for co-curricular activities.
That’s all for today. More when we meet.
I am fine.
Yours sincerely Rakib El
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