write a letter congratulating brother/sister on this brilliant success

Suppose, you are Monir or Moni. One of your friends has stood first in order of merit in the Junior Scholarship Examination. Now, write a letter to your friend congratulating him/ her on his brilliant success.
Or, Imagine you are Shopon/ Shopna of Uttara, Dhaka. Your cousin Minto/ Mina who lives at 15 Shahjalal Road, Syhlet, has got a talentpool scholarship in the Junior Scholarship Examination this year. Now, write a letter congratulating him/ her on this brilliant success.
Dear Mintu,
It is a matter of glory that you have made a brilliant result in the Junior Scholarship Examination (JSC). The news proudly exposed to all of my near and dear ones that my friend/ cousin Mintu has done distinctive result in the scholarship Examination. I personally congratulate you on your brilliant result. I hope you will archive better results in all the examinations and make us proud of your life. I wholeheartedly believe you will keep familiar name and fame and will create coruscation all over the country by being great.
No more here. More when we shall meet together. Convey my courtesy to my dear uncle and aunty.
Yours ever
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