write a letter to her expressing sympathy for him the accident actually happened


Imagine you are Masum, Masuma living in Chittagong. Your friend Salam/ Salma lives in Rajshahi. He/ she had an accident while coming back from school. He/ she fell off from his. Her rickshaw and broke and broke his/ her right arm/ leg and the rickshaw was also damaged. Now, write a letter to ho, her expressing sympathy for him, her and to know how the accident actually happened.

Halishahar Chittagong
15 January 2018


Dear Salam/ Salma,

I have just received your letter. Through the letter I have come to know that you have recently fallen in an accident while coming back from school. You wrote that you had fallen off from rickshaw and broken your right arm/ leg. The rickshaw was also damaged.

I am sure that you are now passing a critical moment. I have also got very upset. Be cautious while undergoing any journey. It could be a major accident. Please tell me in detail how the accident actually happened. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
No more today. With ardent sympathy to you and your family.

Yours ever
Masum/ Masuma

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