Write a letter to your friend asking him to return the book immediately

Imagine, your friend has borrowed one of your important books. Your examination is near so you need the book badly. Now, write a letter to your friend asking him to return the book immediately.

2/3 Ruplal Lane, Kagozitola
23 March 2018

Dear Kamal,

Take my love and affection. Hope, you are well by the grace of almighty lord. I am also fine by his mercy. However, our first terminal examination is knocking at the door, in accordance with the syllabus I am revising all the lessons of the book.

I am alos in need of revising ‘Lecture Junior English Grammar And Composition’ borrowed from me. You need to return the book to me as early as possible. Otherwise, I cannot do well in examination.

No more today. More when I will finish the coming examination. Convey my compliments to dear uncle and auntie.

Yours affectionately,

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