Your Loving Country: Bangladesh/ Your Homeland

Write a paragraph in about 150 words on “Your Loving Country: Bangladesh/ Your Homeland”. In your paragraph, answer the following question:


(a) Where is Bangladesh situated? (b) When and how did it archive independence? (c) What are the total land area and the population of Bangladesh? (d) What are the occupations, religious, language, national flag, dress, and food habit of the people? (e) What are the main rivers and famous places of Bangladesh? (f) Who are the famous poets and artists that make this country popular?


Bangladesh is situated in south-east Asia. It became independent in 1971 after a nine months’ long bloody war. The land area of Bangladesh is 147570 square kilometers. About 14 crores of people live in this small country. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. So most of the people here are the farmers. Besides, there are business, angler, weavers, doctors, engineers, artist and so on in Bangladesh. Most of the people are Muslim. Besides, there are Hindus, christens, Buddha in Bangladesh. People here speak in Bangla. Woman mainly was Saree and Salwar-Kameez. Men wear pant, shirt, Paijama, Panjabi, Lungi etc. Rice with fish and dal is the staple food of the people of Bangladesh. Bread and cakes of different type’s sweetmeats hotchpotch are also taken here. Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, are the main rivers of Bangladesh. Cox Bazer sea beach, the Sundarbans, the ruins of Buddhist Bihar, Kuakata, St. Martin Island etc. are the famous places of Bangladesh. We have many poets and artists in our country.

  • Kazi Nazrul, 
  • Jasim Uddin, 
  • Mc. Madhusudan, 
  • Samsur Rahman are our main poets. 
  • Among the artist 
  • Jainul Abedin,
  • Kamrul Hasan, 
  • Hashem Khan, 
  • Rafiqul Nabi are mentionable. I love my country very much.    

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